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Guided Smart Reading Programs – Baby and Child Phonics and Reading Flash Cards

Teach Your Child to Read and Raise a Genius

The Reading Head Start approach  is one of the most well researched and highly successful reading strategies available for young kids.

The Right Way to Teach Reading to Your Child

Usually on the early development of a child is when the best reading skills can be taught. Unfortunately our school system is decades behind on new and ground breaking teaching methods. That’s why parents should devote the early years of primary education   teaching kids to read using scientifically proven methods to ensure that their kids are reading at grade level.  

In many schools, in all kinds of neighborhoods, there is a shockingly large chunk of kids — about one in three — who don’t master the skills they need to learn to read in a sophisticated way.

​Keep in mind that even if you use a video as your main sales tool, not all visitors will watch it. Don't hesitate to repeat important points from the video in your written copy on the page as well.

Why Use Our Program and Get Your Child a Head Start In Reading:

Parent Approved

Thousands of parents have successfully used our system and have effectively with ease achieved outstanding results with their child's reading abilities.  

Educator Designed

Having the right teaching structure is necessary in order to achieve extraordinary results! We have step by step methods that are easy to follow. 

Award Winning

Having one of the most well researched reading programs puts us light years ahead of any other. Give your child and edge over everybody else with proven methods.

Okay, that sounds good, but will this really work for you? Here's how you start raising a genius in just 3 steps:


Watch the full explanation 

Watch the video to learn the easy steps  methods and research that went into the program.

improving reading skills


Start teaching with our methods

Easily start implementing the step by step guided methods so you can start teaching your child today.

baby reading program


Watch your child become a superstar

As your child keeps learning you will see unbelievable progress that would not be available in a regular school environment.


​Customer stories

female mom reader

Brends S 

I purchased Reading Head Start for my 3-year-old daughter last year and she still loves it. Now, after one year, she is reading between 2nd and 4th grade levels


male kinds teacher

Luke C.

Got this for my kindergartner who is entering 1st grade next Fall.  He already loves it and I’m sure he’ll be well prepared for the added workload and increased expectations of his new teacher.

beautiful mother

Derek and Leanne

My kids are excited and reciting stuff that they learned from Reading Head Start. 

Give Your Child The Gift Of  Smart Reading Program!

Teaching your child to read at an early age is the most important skill in his entire life. Their comprehension, problem solving and self education skills will give them an extreme advantage in life. Intelligent children have the ability to solve and look for answers when they have questions. This will translate to a massively successful adult in the future!

teach your child to read

Early Reading Creates Genius Children

Research has demonstrates that early reading highly increases your child's IQ. Once your toddler has learned to read their cognitive ability will be extremely high. With this newly acquired skill they will want to build their general knowledge even more!

Imagine that, a little walking genius!

If you want intelligent kids with the tools to become successful adults, YOU need to teach them reading skill on the early stages of their life.

Easily teach your child to read without having to learn any rules or boring stuff. This will put them years ahead of any child of their age.

Not Convinced yet?

Get our FREE Alphabet Flash Cards




The 58 cards compiled by Reading Specialist Sarah Shepherd show upper and lower case letters. This set of large flash cards is an excellent way to reinforce learning the letters and their sound/symbol relationship.

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